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In a world where it seems like some people are incapable of having an independent thought, the internet is here to expose those who plagiarise the work of others. 

Forever 21 is currently facing criticism, after a recent collaboration with designer Sami Miro was called out for alleged similarities to the work of another.

Designer Betsy Johnson is the creative mastermind behind Freckled Ace, an independent, edgy fashion line which has taken over Instagram. 


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However, the designer recently took to the social media platform, to share that she feels that her fashion concepts have been allegedly ripped off by the major fast fashion house. 

Forever 21 just revealed their anticipated collaboration with designer Sami Miro, and Betsy took major issue with some of the design elements in the line.

The uber-cool collection features sports luxe designs with a recurring barbed wire motif. 

'I contacted sami miro in June to gift her some pieces from @freckledace , she accepted. I was very excited to see her in the collection,' said Betsy in an Instagram post. 


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'However @samimiro new collection with @forever21 is at the very least very similar.'

'After calling for a boycott of the collaboration and contacting Sami and forever 21 I have been ignored, blocked and critics comments have been removed.'

'I'm calling for a boycott. @freckledace is founded on ethical production and female empowerment to them be assimilated in a fast fashion context by someone I looked up to and sent me clothing to is disappointing to say the least.'

Betsy also shared evidence of her conversations with Sami in the screenshots. 


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The accounts of both F21 and Sami Miro have been bombarded with the comment 'boycott,' on many of their images.

'I see this ALL the time with larger companies ripping off smaller independent businesses ideas. It's so fucking unfair they have literally not a spec of originality or creativity in a whole team of people so they choose to steal ideas instead and it's not on one bit,' reads one comment.

The collection, called For The Lost, is no longer available on the F21 website, so perhaps the fashion giant is looking into the accusations.

Feature image: Forever 21 / Instagram 



We love when celebrities come back down to earth and wear clothes that us mere mortals can actually afford

And the latest celeb/high-street mash-up is Kendall Jenner wearing a FAB €45 olive green trench coat from Forever 21

The reality star TV teamed her coat with a high-neck white top, black skirt and black platform boots, proving that she can mix High Street with designer pieces effortlessly. 

Her coat won't be available in Europe until the end of the year (yup we're counting down already), but if you just can't wait until then, there are plenty of other Forever 21 trenches that look almost exactly the same… a load of which come in at less than €30 too.


Steal her style? We think so. 




Even with their enormous bank accounts (that would make most of us cry), some celebrities know the thrill of a good fashion bargain.

From Taylor's matching sets to Beyoncé's skinny jeans, here are ten times celebs snapped up a low-cost look:

Kendall Jenner

Ms Jenner stepped out in New York wearing high-waisted Topshop jeans, which seem to be a regular fix in her outfit rotation. And at €55, Kendall sure knows good fashion values. 


Emily Ratajkowski

Only last month, model of the moment Emily, wore a sulty Penneys skirt. Yep, you heard that right: Penneys! A less than €10, Emily is now our new style Queen!


Reese Witherspoon

Reese was spotted several times over the past few months wearing these Puma white tennis shoes that will only set you back €50!


Kendall Jenner

Kendall really loves a good bargain, as she was spotted sporting another high street find, this time a fab khaki jumpsuit from Forever 21


Amy Schumer

Amy has also jumped on the Forever 21 bandwagon. Spotted in Sydney airport, we think she looks great in this poncho, which cost under €30. 


Gigi Hadid

Gigi keeps it fresh in NYC, wearing an ASOS midi tank dress. At only €50, Ms Hadid dressed it up a bit by adding a wrap-around belt and matching sunnies. 


Kylie Jenner

Kylie was spotted wearing this striking H&M red dress that sold for less than €50. Of course she teamed it up with an ultra-expensive Balenciaga bag though. Oh, Kylie.


Taylor Swift

Taylor danced the day away in a plaid bikini from ASOS. We don't think we could look that good in this €39 bikini though!


Miranda Kerr

Miranda may have found the chicest yet cheapest dress ever. Just off the racks, Ms Kerr stunned in this H&M floating, blue printed number. 



Queen Bey stepped out wearing yet another pair of H&M jeans recently, at less than €20, we love how she matched them with this stunning Alice + Olivia blouse. 



Festival- and barbecue-soirees are just around the corner – which can only mean one thing: we're gonna need oodles of accessories to see us through to autumn. 

Yes, from statement jewellery to floral headbands, 'tis the season for jazzing, snazzing, and updating old outfits. 

This year in particular, there is lots of fringing, floppy hats, and statement necklaces. And although we're sadly not all on a celebrity budget, it doesn't mean we can't accessorise as well as they do. 

Here are some of our favourite accessories that come in under €10 and STILL look great! 

First up, earrings:

Silver fringe earrings are only €7 and are from Forever 21.  Fringe is popping up on pretty much everything item of clothing or accessory and is an absolute must for 2015. 

Front and back earrings are beginning to appear in all high street stores and are set to be a big trend for Summer. These are €6 from River Island


Foot chains:

This perfect addition to any beach get-up, this first foot chain is €9 and is from Forever 21.  

This layered foot chain is only €8.40 from Missguided and is the glam you need with your pool attire. 

Hair accessories:

These are essential for any festival or concert and this floral is from Missguided and comes in at €8.40

If floral is not your thing, this chain headpiece will also give you that festival look in a more subtle way. It's €4 and from Forever 21.



Aztec is always a popular summer trend and these Missguided shades are only €8

A pair of aviator sunnies is a must have year-in-year-out. These sunglasses from New Look are a steal at just €7


Statement necklaces:

This statement necklace would go perfect with a white dress and is only €6 from Missguided

This metallic fringe necklace from Bershka is a must! It's a steal at only €9.99


Our new daily Fashion TV show 'The Style Show' delivers your daily dose of fabulous fashion! In today's segment "The Fashion Report", our reporter Emma Power gives you your weekly fix of fashion news and gossip! In this week's installment we're looking at DKNY's latest celebrity collaboration, the latest TV inspired fashion line and much more! Watch the video above to get the lowdown.



Finally the dreams we had as five-year-olds (and stopped having as nine-year-olds) can come true.

Mattel, the company that owns Barbie, are working with Forever 21 and other brands to release a line of clothing modelled on Barbie’s clothes.

The clothes will focus on the fashions that Barbie wore in different eras, from the classic 1950s and ‘60s to the oh-so-popular ‘90s fashions.

The new Barbie products will range from pyjamas to day wear to cosmetics. You’ll be able to buy denim, swim suits and sunglasses, and even a life-size replica of the ‘80s Malibu Barbie look.

The collections will be released in the States in September, with no word yet of an Irish release date.

This is all part of Mattel’s plan to reinvent Barbie’s image for the 21st century, with a Karl Lagerfeld designed doll announced last month.