Want to doll yourself up? Barbie are releasing an adult fashion line


Finally the dreams we had as five-year-olds (and stopped having as nine-year-olds) can come true.

Mattel, the company that owns Barbie, are working with Forever 21 and other brands to release a line of clothing modelled on Barbie’s clothes.

The clothes will focus on the fashions that Barbie wore in different eras, from the classic 1950s and ‘60s to the oh-so-popular ‘90s fashions.

The new Barbie products will range from pyjamas to day wear to cosmetics. You’ll be able to buy denim, swim suits and sunglasses, and even a life-size replica of the ‘80s Malibu Barbie look.

The collections will be released in the States in September, with no word yet of an Irish release date.

This is all part of Mattel’s plan to reinvent Barbie’s image for the 21st century, with a Karl Lagerfeld designed doll announced last month.