10 foods with more potassium than a banana

Potassium is a super important nutrient for muscle strength, a healthy heart and a good nervous system.

And if you don’t get enough – 3,5000 mg a day – it could lead to tiredness, muscle cramps, heart palpitations and dizzy spells. Yikes!

Bananas are packed with potassium, with around 430 mg in each medium-sized serving.

But going bananas is certainly not the only way to load up on potassium, and in fact, there are plenty of foods that are even more packed with the nutrient.

Here are 10 common foods with more potassium than a banana.

1. Potato (1,081 mg)
2. Sweet potato (896 mg)
3. Spinach (839 mg)
4. Baked beans (752 mg)
5. Raisins (544 mg)
6. Avocados (540 mg)
7. Yoghurt, low-fat (531 mg)
8. Orange juice (496 mg)
9. Melon (494 mg)
10. Tuna (484 mg)