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We simply just can't keep up with the animal kingdom.

Every corner you turn there seems to be a new species that we've never heard about – but this one has to be our favourite so far.

The Mangalista pig is native to Hungary and looks extremely like a sheep thanks to its woolly coat.

The cuties were nearly extinct in the 1990s until farmers started to heavily breed them again.

What's more, these pigs can be domesticated and have an even temper, so many let them wonder about their houses in Hungary farms.

“There’s nothing cuter in the world than a little blonde or red-haired Mangalitsa … If you treat them nicely, they’ll become as tame as dogs," said pig breeder Wilhelm Kohl.

"They’ll follow you, play with you,” he told Modern Farmer, although later in that same article he also calls them the “Kobe beef of pigs,” but we'll ignore that bit. 


We can't really believe it's the end of August already. #supersadsies.

But as one month ends, another month of new fashion starts. And today, we searched our favourite high-street stores to find the best trends for you to grab before going back to college.

So if you want to up your wardrobe game, SHEmazing! has a few key trends to try to nail for your first-week-of-college outfits:


Button-down skirts

It seems the button-down, A-line skirts are here to stay for the next season. As the Seventies trend was HUGE over summer, it's going to stick around for A/W. Give denim or suede a go and you're sure to be on top of the style game when classes start back.


Shirt dresses

Shirt dresses are so simple and elegant – as well as super easy to just throw on for your 9am lecture. Chloé and Vivienne Westwood rocked the catwalk with these simple pieces but you are able to get great look-a-likes on the High Street.



The boho babe trend is back for autumn 2015 but this time round, the look has a much darker feel to it. Go for loose silhouettes and layers of moody autumnal colours to be right on trend. 



Fluffy bags, coats, gilets and shoes were a major hit on the runway for next season. So if you want to be warm, snuggly and stylish this semester – go for these cute pieces.