When it comes to weddings, every couple will do their utmost to make the day, and all it entails, as personal to them as possible.

And while there's no doubt that many bride and grooms put their own authentic touch on proceedings, one groom-to-be went above and beyond to ensure his wedding ring was utterly unique.

In a tribute to his new bride, Reddit user, Im_High_Tech, told users that he decided to engrave his wedding band with his wife's fingerprints, and we are absolutely bowled over.

Explaining the process online, he wrote: "I had her fingerprint a piece of paper 70 times."

"I then took a photo of the fingerprint and cleaned up the image. Fingerprints are very messy on a microscopic level so they need tweaking."

"Several years ago, I saw some guy made a similar design using wood and I thought it would be great to make my wedding band more unique than the stuff you buy at the store."

"So I got in contact with a company online that designs custom jewelry, and asked them to make it out of white gold with black plating on the ridges," he added.

After sending the print and ring specs to the custom jeweller, this thoughtful groom's idea became a reality, and he now boasts a ring nobody else in the world owns.

And we're not crying, you are.