While Netflix has managed to support our binge-watching addiction and supplies us with ample amounts of eyebrow-raising documentaries or brand new series to get lost it, sometimes we long for the comfort of something more familiar.

Everyone has their own favourite film that they would choose above all others. But, how likely are you to watch it when you can already recite every single line and now all the harmonies on the soundtrack?

Last week, Five Thirty Eight shared their findings of a survey that asked that exact question.

Following a survey that asked people to list the five films which they considered the most re-watchable, the top 25 were discovered.

Coming in at number one was Star Wars. 

The Wizard of Oz grabbed second place, while The Sound of Music, The Lord of the Rings and Gone With The Wind rounded out the top five spots.

Apparently we just cannot get enough of a good epic fantasy adventure as the majority of those surveyed admitted that they are willing to re-watch the Harry Potter series before The Notebook. 

Finding Nemo also makes an appearance, providing further evidence that a squeal is badly needed as it came in before The Avengers, which came in at number 25 on the list.

When breaking down the results by gender, The Wizard of Oz and Lord of the Rings are still in the top five. 

Still, there are some differences in taste: Films featured in the men’s top 20 but not the women’s include Pulp Fiction, The Matrix, Star Trek and Goodfellas. Films favored by women include Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Grease and Titanic.

People of each gender also had a few films in their top 20 that didn’t make the overall top 25 and failed to appear on the other gender’s list. Men enjoy viewing Die Hard and Gladiator, repeatedly while women preferred Love Actually and You’ve Got Mail.

However, the one constant regardless of age or gender discrepancies was Star Wars. The sci-fi epic consistently featured in the top 10.