Last weekend marked London Fashion Week, where Cara and St Vincent were the couple of the moment and plenty of designers showcased their Spring/Summer collections for 2016.

One of our favourite things about fashion week, aside from the celebs and all of the fabulous designs being paraded down the runway, is the street style. The fashion-crowd are pretty easy to spot on their way in and out of shows and there are always so many of them.

Hannah Ewens of Vice realised that it was beginning to feel like anyone with a smartphone who was able to use #OOTD could be a fashion blogger. So, she decided to set herself a challenge at last year's London events:

“Spend €13 a day on the three dumbest outfits I could put together – one each for Friday, Monday and Tuesday – and see if I could get papped by one of those [fashion] people.”

As it turns out, trying to find a LFW appropriate outfit on such a tight budget can be tricky. So Hannah actually resorted to digging through skips at one point.

Her purple fuzz and phone charger ensemble seemed to do the trick though. She caught a few photographers attention outside one venue and they were curious about where she got her ‘pieces’.

“I told them most of my outfit was vintage Vivienne Westwood, because she's the only one I know.

They all nodded enthusiastically, and one man said: "Oh yes, I remember this bag. A big one that year."

She also noted that the posing thing is not as complicated as people would have us believe: “All I had to do was tilt my head down, smile coyly and slump, with my hand resting wherever felt sassiest.”

While she did have her picture taken by plenty of photographs she thought she had fooled, Hannah was only mildly disappointed to discover they didn’t feature on any serious fashion sites.