Large pores are a problem that plagues so many of us.

There is nothing worse than when you have had your make up on for a few hours and you go to check yourself in the mirror, and all you can see staring back at you are big pores glaring under your foundation.  

They occur for a number of reasons. Mainly, it is genetics and loose collagen in the skin that cause the unruly blemishes.

But luckily, there are methods to reduce their size and to help them from becoming blocked.

Take a look at these five steps to minimising and unclogging your pores.

Keep them unblocked

Pores that are unclogged are more likely to look smaller than those that are blocked. One of the best ways to remove any unwanted oil and dirt from your pores is with a clay mask. When you apply the clay mask, leave it on for around five minutes (depending on your chosen brand) and you will start to notice your pores appearing through the mask. When you pull the mask off your face, the clay should take what was blocking them with it.

Deep cleansing

As tempting as it may be, squeezing out blackheads can actually result in the damage of the skin. Deep cleansing pore strips should remove the blackheads you are trying to get at, but without damaging your face. However, do not use them more than twice a week as then they can then be quite harsh on your skin.

Use oil-based cleansers

Despite what you may think, oil-based cleansers actually work best for cleaning out blocked pores. The oil that appears on our faces is more easily dissolved in oil than in water.

Sun cream and other UV protective creams

Over time, UV damage will make the pores larger. This is because the sun’s rays thin the skin and damage its collagen. If you do not want to load your face with sun cream before putting your make up on, many primers and foundations have an SPF in them to protect from UV rays.

Limit the shimmer

Shimmering, or “luminizing” make up can emphasise the pores when it is applied in the wrong spots (or, all over the face). To avoid this, use matte products and only apply shimmering make up to areas with naturally smaller pores, such as the bridge of the nose, or the cheekbones.