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If you, like many of us have an iPhone or smart phone, odds are you've used an emoji (or ten) in a text message. 

So it may come as a surprise that many of our beloved emojis have completely different meanings than what we thought. 

Shocker, right? Here are the official meanings from Unicode

Disappointed but relieved

Anyone else thought this was a crying face? Yep, so did we. But because the water droplet is at the side of the face, it signifies sweat rather than tears, and is officially called the 'disappointed but relieved' face. 



Many mistake this emoji for a 'dead' face, as the X's are eyes, but apparently it's the shocked face. Who knew? 


Joining hands

A lot of people use this emoji as a 'high-five' sign. It's actually supposed to be a symbol of joined hands as if you're praying or bowing. 


Hushed face

We were 100 percent sure this was a shocked face emoji, but according to Unicode, it's supposed to mean someone is sushing you. 


Face savouring delicious food

This emoji is used by everyone as a cheeky tongue face, right? It's actually a face savouring delicious food. Say what now?!


Information desk woman

If, like EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, you've been using this as a sassy girl emoji, you've been wrong all along. It really has a much more boring meaning as a 'information desk woman'. Yep, life = ruined. 


Grimacing face

Have you ever used this as a big smiley face? You're wrong again. It's a grimacing face, although it really looks nothing like it. 



It’s official. Emojis are now one step closer to complete world domination. With the help of one website we are now one step closer to living in a world where all we need are tiny animations to communicate entire music videos.


Such. A. Good. Call. @badgalriri AM I RIGHT OR NO

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A product designer for Facebook, George Kedenburg III (seriously) and Eric Nakagawa, who is the same person who is responsible for the site I Can Haz Cheeseburger have created an emoji generator.

Basically, they take the link of your favourite (or any) website and turn it into a working link of emojis for you to enjoy. If you’re not happy with the first one generated, you can do it again. Hours of fun, hours.


To try it, just copy and paste the link of your website into Linkmoji and paste the result into your browser to see the full functioning link in action. Your favourite watermelon slice emoji is now multi-functional.

For example, we did an emoji make over on some of our favourite sites, and they all worked perfectly too… we’ve never been more proud of the tiny pizza slice. SHEmazing.net, for example:


Quickly becomes:

Both Eric and George seem pretty surprised with the reaction to the site as they took to Twitter to express their happy surprise. We’re not really sure what’s so surprising.

People generally get very excited about emojis, they’ve taken over the fashion world already, it was only a matter of time before they started wiping out actual words themselves. 



It’s what redheads around the world have been waiting for… the ginger emoji is finally here!

The Google Play Store for Android has just revealed their selection of ginger emojis.

Following an international outcry over the absence of redheads from the popular feature, Google have finally decided to include our carrot-topped friends.

This move comes after a petition was signed by over 15,000 people demanding that ginger people be represented in the ever-popular collection. However, Apple has yet to give in to the demands.

There are 16 different types of ginger emojis that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, including a Ron Weasley emoji as well as a Conan O’Brien one.

Although Apple hasn’t budged on introducing redheads just yet (even after its ethnically inclusive emoji update earlier this year), a range of stickers representing ginger people will later be included in the iPhone.

Ginger people weren’t the only ethnicity to be angered by Apple’s latest updates. Asian people took particular offence to the new yellow emoji, despite Apple’s insistence that this person was supposed to be genetically neutral. 


Have you ever noticed that there’s no sandwich emoji? Or that vegetables are totally under-represented in the list of coloured icons on your phone? Well, writer Kelsey Roxroat certainly noticed, and decided it was time to see if emojis really could dictate what she ate.

Over the course of a week, Kelsey made a mission to eat her way through all food emojis listed on her iPhone – and nothing else. And so, the All-Emoji diet was born.

At first it seems like it would be fairly easy to manage. Pizza, beer, chips and burgers – yay! But when it comes to non-fast food items, there’s not a whole lot of scope. Of the 59 emojis, 11 are desserts, eight are rice-based (thank you, Japanese designers) and just two are vegetables.

All the same, Kelsey made a fairly good job of her emoji-eating. Day One started off nicely with coffee, banana, strawberries and milk for breakfast, veggie stew (inspired by the “pot of food” emoji), cherries and a lollipop for lunch, and spaghetti and red wine for dinner.

By Day Five though, things got a little more random, with the delicious combination of shrimp, a tangerine and ice cream for lunch. Yummy.

The diet certainly isn’t the next big thing for weight loss, it would seem. “As I assess what I still need to cover in the final days, I notice two common themes: white rice and sugar,” said Kelsey.

All the same though, she did get the chance to try some of the more random Asian foods including dango (those coloured balls on a stick) and oden (the strange meat-like shapes, also on a stick).

Well, it’s not one we’ll be trying anytime soon, but good to know it can be done!



This Emoji version of Beyoncé ‘s Drunk In Love is very impressive.

Is that an aubergine?! Brilliant.