Thanks to this website you no longer need words, just emojis


It’s official. Emojis are now one step closer to complete world domination. With the help of one website we are now one step closer to living in a world where all we need are tiny animations to communicate entire music videos.


Such. A. Good. Call. @badgalriri AM I RIGHT OR NO

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A product designer for Facebook, George Kedenburg III (seriously) and Eric Nakagawa, who is the same person who is responsible for the site I Can Haz Cheeseburger have created an emoji generator.

Basically, they take the link of your favourite (or any) website and turn it into a working link of emojis for you to enjoy. If you’re not happy with the first one generated, you can do it again. Hours of fun, hours.


To try it, just copy and paste the link of your website into Linkmoji and paste the result into your browser to see the full functioning link in action. Your favourite watermelon slice emoji is now multi-functional.

For example, we did an emoji make over on some of our favourite sites, and they all worked perfectly too… we’ve never been more proud of the tiny pizza slice., for example:


Quickly becomes:

Both Eric and George seem pretty surprised with the reaction to the site as they took to Twitter to express their happy surprise. We’re not really sure what’s so surprising.

People generally get very excited about emojis, they’ve taken over the fashion world already, it was only a matter of time before they started wiping out actual words themselves.