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Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic monuments in the world.

The architecture and breathtaking views make it into something that should be on everyone's bucket list, but how about taking those views in while travelling at 55m/h… on a rope?

Yes, dare devils, you can now zipline off the Eiffel Tower, and we don't know whether to be frightened or excited.

Conde Nast Traveller has reported that for a limited time only you can zipline down the Parisian statue for absolutely free.

Why for free, you ask? Well, the stunt, called Le Perrier Smash, is set up to promote the French Open. 

If you're up for it, you'll travel up the tower until you reach 375 feet.

You'll then have a harness put on you, so your only job is to jump off and fly high at 55m/h (the same speed of a tennis serve, FYI).

While flying, you'll travel across the Champs de Mars and land at L’Ecole Militaire.

The attraction opened yesterday and will remain open until June 11. 

And if you're a bit too scared to hop on board, there's a virtual version which will leave your feet planted firmly on the ground.



The Eiffel tower is one of the biggest landmarks in the world and people flock to it every year, just to get a picture beside it.

But something that many do not know is that there is a secret apartment hidden inside the tower that nobody ever uses.

When the man himself, Gustave Eiffel built the tower in 1889, he built himself a secret get-away on the third floor. 

The small apartment is filled with wooden furniture and colourful wallpaper, as well as a grand piano. The designer even stashed the latest scientific equipment he found when he was out and about in Paris at the time. 

But you won't get to see this apartment anytime soon. Back when Parisan high society found out about Gustave's hide-away, they began begging him to rent it out.

He wouldn't let anyone inside it though, and even to this day – 92 years after his death – the tradition continues with the apartment only open once in a blue moon for public viewing.



Cheers, we'll drink to that!

Dublin's Guinness Storehouse has been named the leading tourist attraction in all of Europe.

The Eiffel Tower, Barcelona’s La Sagrada Familia, Buckingham Palace, and even the Roman Collosseum didn't compare to our wonderfully Irish brewing venue.

The award was presented in Sardinia, Italy last night at the World Travels Awards ceremony.

Paul Carty, Managing Director of the Storehouse said on the achievement, "Today is a very proud day for the Guinness Storehouse team. We were honoured to have been shortlisted amongst such iconic attractions but to be voted by the public as ‘Europe’s leading tourist attraction’ goes beyond anything we could have imagined."

“We wish to claim this as a victory for Irish tourism. One in every two holidaymakers to Dublin visits the Guinness Storehouse and we are very aware and very proud of our position at the front line of the warm Irish welcome."

"This award is a great acknowledgement of the team’s dedication to providing an unforgettable, world-class visitor experience."

Astonishingly, 92 percent of visitors to the Storehouse are not Irish, with the top 5 visiting nationalities being American, British, French, German and Italian.

The Guinness Storehouse only opened its doors in 2006, and since then it has welcomed 13 million people to the venue; who learn all about the 250 year history of the iconic Guinness – and then get to taste some too!



An American woman was queuing at the Eiffel Tower a week ago when she spotted a man on the verge of proposing to his girlfriend. 

Jen Hurd Bohn subequently took some seriously romantic pictures of the couple as he popped the question – thankfully she said yes, and they kissed and hugged in celebration.

Jen afterwards took to Facebook to share her observation – with the snaps now going viral in the hope that the husband-and-wife-to-be can be found. 

Ms Hurd Bohn captioned her Facebook post: "Saw this guy propose to this girl on the Eiffel Tower Sunday 6/21/15 wanted to send them the pics but was stuck in line. Help me find them!"

Jen commented on the post guessing they were too from America "I want to at least try!

"I've got friends across the country and, by their clothes, I'm guessing they're from the US. Somebody knows somebody who was in Paris last week and got engaged…"

This Facebook post has now been shared thousands of times and has even featured on news stations across America.

We hope they are found soon!