Have your cup and eat it too!

Soon your parents could not only be ordering you to clean your plate, but eat it too. That’s if LOLIWARE has their way.

The company has developed a line of fully edible and biodegradable tableware as a solution to overflowing landfills.

Made using plant-based gelatine (vegan friendly!), LOLIWARE cups come in a range of flavours and textures. When you’re finished your drink you can either eat it, or break it down in seconds using boiling water.

Anything left over can be composted, making it one of the most eco-friendly products around.

There are bad points however. One downside is cost. At the moment a pack of four cups costs nearly $12, a bit prohibitive for your average barbecue. They also don’t ship outside the US, so it could be a while before you can try them for yourself.

LOLIWARE is a new company and has a few teething problems, but as it expands production these should be solved. Most importantly they have launched a new, creative and delicious way to deal with pollution and waste.

If more companies follow their example our diet could take a big change for the functional.