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We all know the drill – you're casually scrolling through Twitter or Instagram when that little ding noise notifies you that you have a new message request. 

Upon opening, you realise to your horror that it is a thirsty internet predator looking to shock or seduce you with his poorly angled, embarrassing iPhone photo of his penis. 

Two things happen at this stage of proceedings, either you completely reel with shock and disgust and feel truly violated by the act, or anger consumes you and you proceed to completely destroy him with CAPS LOCK ON insults and then block him. (or both)

Either way, it's an uncomfortable experience no one should ever have to go through. Why, still, in 2018 do men think it's acceptable to send women unwanted pictures of their junk?

A new study by YouGov showed that 46pc of British women had received a dick pic in their time. 

Of those women, nine out of ten received one without having asked for it.

Women aged 18-25 were the most likely to receive unsolicited nudes (26th birthday, come at us).

While unsolicited pictures are disgusting and offensive, not all nude swapping is nonconsensual.

12pc of women in the survey told YouGov that they had requested dick pics from their partners


Another day, another unsolicited d*ck pic, right?

Whether you're happily single or actively dating, receiving an unwanted d*ck pic from someone who believes his genitals are worthy of a snap, is certainly far from rare.

Considering the plight of those who are on the receiving end of such images, a Swedish web designer has created a website which essential acts as a d*ck pic tracker.

"The DickPicLocator is really just a service that has been waiting to happen. Long overdue, I would add," said creator Per Axbom. "I combined my understanding of women being subjected to dick pics on a daily basis with my knowledge of what data is contained within many images today."

His decision to develop the DickPicLocator was born of a desire to give the receiver the upper hand, with Per saying: "While I move some of the power balance to the recipient, I do hand over ownership of the consequences to them as well."

"In my head I probably imaged that many of the perpetrators would be known to the recipient and they would handle it with a phone call. The information is probably a great addition to a police report, but I have no way of knowing how it will be used."

So, how does it work exactly?

The tracker app scans the data contained within the image and establishes the GPS coordinates of where it originated – an approach which Per admits he worried about in the development stage of the process.

Speaking to The Local, he said: "I did worry before launching what types of people may react in a hateful manner and what verbal spew I may have to endure."

"Then I realised my fear was embarrassingly cowardly given what I know about what women cope with that is easily ten times worse and constantly gnawing away at their self-esteem," he added.

Since its launch last week, the site has been used more than 5,000 times.