The hit E! reality TV show, Botched, has viewers both horrified and transfixed with its tales of surgical woe.

But a recent episode REALLY managed to shock and enthral – becoming the topic of continued social media debate in the aftermath.

In it, a Las Vegas woman presents herself to the show’s famed doctors, Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow, begging them to fix her breast implants.

The issue? They then weighed-in at an incredible 13.5kg.

"I feel like a walking boob, and it is killing me inside because I know I am so much better than that," Dee Stein tells the Botched doctors.

The 53-year-old mother has been living with the massive silicone and saline implants for two decades. As a former dancer, she states she felt pressured by the industry to increase her bust.

"The bigger, the better in this business," she explains.

But the saline ruptured in her left breast, causing it to deflate. The one on the right remained the size of a bowling ball.

"I've been told that I probably can't be fixed," Ms Stein says, while fighting back tears.

"I totally feel like I don't have anybody else to turn to at this point,” she continues. “I'd risk my life for it at this point because I'm so uncomfortable. I'm in a lot of pain."

"It is insane to think that any plastic surgeon would even consider Dee's breasts to this level," Dr Dubrow notes. "The human body is not even equipped to handle this kind of volume expansion in breast tissue."

The breast-reduction surgery would be life-threatening and the "most difficult, scariest, challenging, nearly impossible" task in plastic surgery history, Dr Terry Dubrow says before agreeing to operate.

"I kid you not, if we tackle this one, this is the most challenging, high-risk patient of my career," he admits.

'It is days until this turns into an enormous, major medical emergency for her,' he also tells Dr Nassif. 'The whole breast is going to die.'

However, the surgery proves to be a huge success – and afterwards left Ms Stein with symmetrical DD breasts.

"I feel light as air!" Dee now says.