The dark lip trend is one that we don’t see disappearing any time soon. Which is completely fine for anyone who calls themselves a fan.

For every pretty pink or creamy nude out there, there’s going to be even more vampy shades to choose from. There is something so very glam about the dark lip look. 

However, a statement bold lip also comes with some less then appealing flawless side effects.

1. Straws are very necessary: 

Well, you can do without them. But then you'll end up with an unintentional ombré effect. Also, no one really wants to leave the Granny-esque kiss marks on every single glass in existence.

2. Falling asleep in makeup means waking up with a red polka dot pillowcase. 

Just another item to add to the washing pile.

3. You have to exfoliate your lips. Every. Single. Night. 

If you’re constantly wearing highly pigmented lipstick then you're probably familiar with the old toothbrush and lip balm exfoliating trick.

4. The accidental over line: 

However, Kylie Jenner has made this a non-problem, the oversized out is pretty much a beauty phenomenon.

5. Attempting to rock a cute and tiny clutch is never an option: 

You need your lip liner, lipstick and a compact. Who needs keys these days anyway?

6. If you don't wear it one day, everyone notices: 

“You look a bit different today, am I right?” This is because they're so used to you looking like a boss with your amazing lipstick.