On the box: our top telly picks for the week


50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy – Sky One, Monday at 9pm
So far in this series Baz has made his 71 year old mammy jump out of a plane, shoot him with a taser gun, go stunt car driving, charm a snake and gamble away her pension! Tonight the pair go to Florida where mum gets to wrestle with angry alligators and is then brought to a tattoo parlour – will she go through with the inking?!

Dallas – TV3, Monday at 10pm
Dallas is back with brand new episodes to finish out Series 3 which left us on a cliff-hanger with Southfork in flames. Pamela had just found out about John Ross’s affair with Emma and bizarrely asked to join them in a threesome but then started to have a fit after taking an overdose. Sue Ellen was back on the sauce and passed out in the fire with Bobby and Christopher returning as the fire took hold….

Oscar Pistorius: The Verdict – TV3, Thursday at 7.30pm
The verdict of the case that’s had us all gripped for weeks will be delivered today. This documentary looks back at the world’s most famous paralympian’s fall from grace and attempts to give the most complete picture yet of what happened on the night Reeva Steenkamp was shot dead.

It’s Complicated – FilmFour, Friday at 9pm
Romantic comedy where a mature couple end up having an affair years after they divorced. Worth a watch for the scene where Meryl Streep accidentally gets high off her own supply!