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Author of Sex and the City, Candace Bushnell, as observed that modern dating has apparently led women to be "angrier". Has she heard of the #MeToo movement?

"Women have the same complaints about men as they did before, except their complaints are much harsher now," the bestselling writer told The Sunday Times regarding dating apps.

"They seem angrier. The rejection and the uncertainty of online communication, it hurts people's souls. It seems to be emotionally destabilising."

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Bushnell was famous for her column for The New York Observer back in the 1990s, which was adapted into the Sex and the City novels.

The books led to a hit HBO series starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon as four women in New York City, navigating romances, friendships, and womanhood.

The series ran from 1998 to 2004, and the success led to two films in 2008 and 2010 being released. The Carrie Diaries and Lipstick Jungle, also penned by the 60-year-old, were also adapted into TV shows.


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Bushnell has been dating Jim Coleman for two years, and has commented on the two key things she's learned about finding a partner;

"At this age you want someone to be nice, you don't want someone who's critical or demeaning," she told The Sunday Times.

"It feels like when one is younger there can be this competition between partners. Maybe that's part of the sexual attraction, but that kind of stuff just doesn't work when you get older."


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She added: "I think romance is something where you're not in a rush to get to the end. It's just about enjoying each other's company. It's doing things together."

She's got some pearls of wisdom, we must say. Some of the most iconic quotes from the hit show from Carrie Bradshaw are still applicable to the complex dating lives of women today.

Samantha Jones' groundbreaking attitudes to sex were also controversial at the time, but arguably educated an entire generation of women on sexual positivity.

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In case you were wondering, Lauren Goodger has confirmed that she is NOT pregnant with boyfriend Jack McLean’s baby.

Phew! We're glad that's cleared up. 

Writing in her column for New! magazine, Lauren has said that she’s sick of people jumping to conclusions.


I can't wait to have a baby and be a Mummy and I want to look like this #baby #forever #beautiful #HotMummy #family #unconditonalLove

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While she has admitted in the past that she can’t wait to be a mum, the former Towie cast member is not going to be expecting anytime soon. Duly noted, Lauren; duly noted. 

She says that lately she’s been bombarded with talk of babies and parenting advice (really?). She’s also been dealing with lots of people close to her commenting on her energy levels.

She says in her column:"I'm feeling shattered at the moment. I've been training really hard and I feel exhausted by the afternoon. Between training and Jake, I'm knackered, ha ha!!”

Lauren has been training very hard recently and is showing off her impressive weight-loss on social media. However, despite looking super slim, plenty of folk (or so she claims) reckon there's a baba on the way. 

"People have asked me if my lethargy is down to me being pregnant, but it's not!”

The social media aficionado also commented on how her implants have come under fire. Online commenters noted how her implants looked misshapen and sore when she donned a plunging playsuit on a night out.

"Looking at the photo, I can see why people said they look dented, but I reckon it was just the lighting,” she explained.

She said that as she’s lost weight since January her implants have shrunk, but she is perfectly happy with how they look.

“They're still big but are in proportion with body now and I'm really happy with them."

She said that she’s not going to be uploading pictures just to prove people wrong and show them that she really is happy with her body.

Instead she’s sharing plenty of gym selfies with her almost 500K followers on Instagram.