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We've seriously missed seeing Amy Hart on our screens since her heartbreak over Curtis Pritchard's betrayal led her to quit Love Island.

While she may have cut her time on the ITV2 reality show short, the star has already landed a permanent role on another show.

ITV has announced that Amy will join Loose Women as a guest panellist, following a successful first appearance on the daytime show this week.

The Loose Women Twitter page made the announcement, writing; 

"We loved Love Island's Amy Hart so much that we’re having her as a guest panellist next Wednesday! We can’t wait to welcome Amy back to the Loose Women panel." Slay, bish. You don't need no man.

During Monday's show, Amy sat alongside fellow panellists Andrea McLean, Coleen Nolan, Jane Moore and Brenda Edwards, to discuss her time in the villa.


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Amy made her time in the villa sound extremely positive, noting that it was time to put her mental health first;

"Taking myself out of the villa has made the bad stuff go away and now I only have fond memories of the show," Amy said at the time. "Curtis would not rub anything in my face. We spent 720 hours together, we spent all that amount of time together."

The former air hostess left the villa during dramatic scenes last week, saying to Curtis; "I’m leaving today but it’s a positive thing because I’m going to go and start the rest of my life today."

Amy has impressed ITV with her appearance on the show, it seems. She gushed to The Sun,

"I’m so excited, I’ve been a fan of Loose Women since I was 12. It’s my birthday tomorrow so this is the best present ever. I can’t wait to see the see the ladies next Wednesday."

She confirmed her new role on Twitter, writing; "I mean most people get flowers and chocolates for their birthday but… absolute dream come true! Thank you Loose Women I won’t let you down."

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Shane Richie Jr. has had to defend himself and his mum on Twitter after she revealed his sexual exploits on TV.

Coleen Nolan appeared on Loose Women and revealed that her son, Shane, accidentally called her while he was having sex. And she listened. For four and a half minutes. FOUR AND A HALF MINUTES!

The Nolans’ singer even added that she was ‘dead impressed’ by what she heard in those long, long minutes. While many met the story with humour, many weren’t so impressed and it wasn’t long before Coleen was branded a ‘perv’.

One boy who’s on her side is her son, Shane, though we can’t see why! Initially he was mortified by his mum’s overshare, tweeting: “Mum, why oh why @loosewomen!” before realising that he should probably reassure all the ladies out there that there was a LOT more than just four and a half minutes.

Thankfully, he soon saw the hilarious side and tweeted: “Form a queue ladies #best4minutesofyourlife haha” before defending his mum against the trolls branding her a pervert, writing: “Some people really need to get a grip, calling my mum a perv and a weirdo. She’s the best and I wouldn’t change her for the world #mummysboy.”

Aww, we love how he stuck up for her. Though it would take us  LOT more time to even look our mum in the face! And our dads? We don’t even want to go there…