Aldi has just released its Christmas advert – and now it really feels like the holiday season.

Earlier Sunday, Aldi teased the release of the ad on social media, writing: "There's a new wingman in town… Tom's flight is delayed, look who's in the cockpit…"

Making its debut on the Aldi Facebook page, the ad features our favourite – Kevin the Carrot of course – as well as a very festive Christmas Turkey.

You can watch here:

Posting the video on social media, Aldi said: "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's both and there's a carrot in the cockpit."

The ad is giving us serious Top Gun movie vibes with a sound track that echoes Tom Cruise flying off with Goose (poor ‘ole Goose).  Reminiscent of the movie, Kevin and Turkey can be seen jetting through the sky, with Kevin explaining: "Brace yourself Turkey!"

As they zoom through the mountains, Santa makes an appearance, stopping by for a quick photo.

But moments later and a disaster occurs. After declaring he is “roasting” (hilarious stuff!), Turkey decides to 'open a window' but presses the eject button instead.

But instead of opening the window, Kevin is ejected from the cockpit.

And fans have been loving the advert so far, with one writing: "Ooh! Very interesting teaser! But Kevin's plane is on fire NOOOOOOOO!"

While another said: "Yes, Kevin's back, that's made my day and cheered me up."

"Aldi thank you for making 2020 a little better," wrote another.

Aldi's Christmas ads never disappoint. Last year's ad saw Kevin the Carrot determined to become the star of the Christmas dinner.

This has defo cheered us up, thanks Aldi. We can't wait to see the next chapter of this story.