Britney Spears loves a good bargain. Don’t we all Brit, don’t we all?

But when you’re a multi-millionaire who's sold millions of albums, bargain-shopping means spending €36,000 on “household supplies”. Still, a large portion of that sum  was spent at Target.

For those unfamiliar with its delights, Target is the kind of place where you could pick up 5,000 plastic cups without breaking a €5 note.

It's possible Britney has a personal assistant who does this kind of shopping for her (the 33-year-old is pretty busy performing at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas after all).

But we’re still trying to imagine what kind of dramatics would ensue if a fan had to battle it out with Britney over the last pair of bargain skinny jeans.

Still, at least her fur babies (she has two human children too) are well looked after with plenty of canine accessories. Yes, Ms Spears, who earned €12m in 2014, spent more than €21,000 on pet care.

At least Princess Sara Beth the tiny Yorkie seems pretty pleased with her owner’s affections; check out that tulle skirt. And Sara Beth’s lavish doggy bed? That pooch has got style.

But Britney’s pups aren’t the only celebrity pets to be given the star treatment from their owners. Numerous celebs are recording their fluffy BFFs day-to-day escapades on social media these days, giving us a sneak-peek into the lives of these four-legged stars…


Mally Beiber

Unfortunately for the Beibs, and Mally, their loving relationship was short lived. In 2013, Mally was taken by customs in Germany when Justin couldn’t produce the proper paperwork for the primate. Which is devastating because we can only imagine the fun that could have been had with Mally and Kendall Jenner on Justin’s latest trip to Hong Kong. Just think about it…


Bubba Sue Cyrus

Bubba is gaining some serious star power lately. Not only did she share the latest cover of Paper magazine with her loving owner Miley, when she first made her social media debut Bubba was trending on Twitter. This little piggy’s PR game is string, as is her ability to accessorise. We’re not surprised given her owner’s passion for all things neon.


Cecil Delevingne

Too much cute. This fluffy bunny has modelled for Burberry and Topshop alongside her famous human. Cecil is probably the cutest bunny we’ve ever seen and with serious style credit we’re just waiting for the fashion week debut.


Meredith Swift and Olivia Benson


Olivia Benson meeting Olivia Benson. @therealmariskahargitay

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

These two are responsible for making the crazy cat lady aesthetic cool. They’re adorable, look at their folded over ears and try to contain your emotions, we dare you. They are also major celebrities all by themselves, the internet kind of had a meltdown when Olivia got to meet her namesake backstage at Taylor’s Nashville concert recently. Also, Meredith is the sassiest of all the pets on Instagram and we love her.


Norman and Bambi Jenner

No member of the Kardashian clan has really arrived until they hit the 100K follower mark on Instagram. These two pups smashed it and have almost 400K followers, and have only 19 photos posted currently. They never fly on commercial airlines and they are also passionate about designer labels. Norman only travels in Louis Vuitton, because he’s a Kardashian, naturally.