If your desire to down a glass or two of red wine is often hampered by your desire to boast a set of pearly whites, you're not alone.

Having to do the classic red wine test after every glass can be a right pain in the a*rse, so when it sounded like wine accessory company, Oenophilia, had remedied our problem with a handy device, we were all ears.

Unfortunately though, the Wino Sippers device is little more than a built-in straw. (We're sorry.)

So, the good folk over at Oenophilia have basically designed a glass that features what amounts to a spout, so wine drinkers can guzzle down without experiencing the teeth stainage we all know and loathe.

Oh, and it also comes in at a cool $24 for a set of two glasses.

We don't know about you, but we'll either live with our blackened teeth or just use a plain old straw and save our money for an extra bottle of vino.