There is a lot more to Asia than simply heading to Phi Phi Leh Island to visit The Beach location.

If you are planning on heading in that direction this summer, you definitely need to hit these spots before you come home.

Slightly off the beaten tourist track, this gorgeous island in Indonesia is kind of like Bali but with less tourists to get in the way.

Cebu and Visayan Islands
Located in the Philippines, this nightlife hot spot is home to the friendliest people in the world – apart from the Irish of course.

Yes, there are loads of tourists but hey it’s Bali and you simply can’t go to Asia without heading here – you just can’t.

Ko Lipe
In southwest Thailand you will find a small island that has three absolutely gorgeous beaches. If you do head here make sure you stay in one of the grass huts on the beach.

Ko Chang
Just at the border of Cambodia, this is one of Thailand’s largest islands with its gorgeous waterfalls, coral reef and rainforests. This destination needs your full attention.