The Simpsons is still one of our all-round favourite TV shows, and we love when it has celebs guest star on episodes.

And the latest star to show her face, or erm, voice, on the comedy series is none other than Amy Schumer.

And she won't only appear on The Simpsons, but Family Guy and Bob's Burgers too.

Her role in the latter two will be pretty small, but it seems like she's going to have quite a defining storyline in Springfield.

The show's executive producer Al Jean told Vanity Fair: “We said a good character for our plot would be that she’s Burns’s mother in the past and kind of the source of this unhappiness that he has that’s haunted him to the present.”

Yep, so not only will she appear in white and black flashbacks but she'll also be Burns' MOTHER.

Now that's a twist.

You can catch the episode this tomorrow night on Sky.