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We’ve been online long enough to know that kale is exceptionally good for you.

But just because its famed curly leaves are filled with iron, bursting with antioxidants and seem ideal for detoxifying the body, doesn’t mean we can be forced to consume them on the world’s most official day of indulgence.

A new kale-Brussels sprout hybrid looks set to invade dinner tables around the world this Christmas by offering itself up as a more palatable alternative to the traditional miniature festive cabbage.  

According to the Kalettes website, this peculiar combination is versatile to cook, “sweet and nutty” to taste and looks “great”.

Last year, Kalettes were declared “the hippest vegetable of 2015” as they made their way across the UK, continental Europe, Australia and the US.

While we have yet to find stockists of this unusual veggie in Ireland, if the Kalettes' popularity continues to grow, they're bound to appear on dinner tables here soon.



If you’re living in an apartment you might think that you have no hope of growing your own vegetables. Well, think again. If you have a balcony, there’s nothing to stop you from growing your own vegetables and herbs on it. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

Use synthetic soil
It’s best for when you’re gardening in containers. Wood chips, peat moss and sawdust are all great, and it’s not a bad idea to put coarse gravel at the bottom of the container before you put in the soil as it will improve drainage.

Remember to water them
When you lead a busy life remembering to water your balcony plants may be the last thing on your mind, but if you don’t water them once a day, they just won’t make it. Don’t over-do it either as you can drown them, and if your balcony gets rain, then obviously you don’t need to water them on rainy days.

Make sure they will get enough light
It’s good to observe your balcony and figure out the spots that get the most light. This is where your plants will thrive.

Pick the right vegetables
Some vegetables do better in containers than others. Carrots, for one, aren’t great in pots, but lettuce is. Tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber and peppers are all good options too, aswell as any kind of herb.

Germinate seeds indoors
Sometimes it can be handy to plant the seeds indoors and then transfer them to containers when they’re stronger.

It’s good to feed your plants as well as water them since they’re not in the ground. Get some fertiliser to add to your watering can from you garden centre.

Pick ‘em when they’re ripe
Make sure to harvest your vegetables, when they’re at their peak of ripeness to get them at their tastiest.

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There is some good news if you’re an asthma sufferer as research shows eating fruit and vegetables can help with the condition.

Whoever said that you are what you eat was on to a good thing. Research published in Nature Medicine journal claims that what we eat can influence immune cell development and disease outside the gut. If you have asthma, eating your five a day can go a long way to help you deal with your condition.

However, it is not just asthma sufferers who benefit from this kind of diet. People who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome can also benefit as both conditions are caused by the same inflammatory reaction.

People who don’t suffer from asthma or IBS can also benefit from a fibre-rich diet as it can help reduce heart disease and certain cancers.

So, when doing your weekly shop, make sure you pop some extra fruit and veg into your trolley.