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The drama is absolutely exploding in Hollywood over Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's divorce.

The 26-year-old Mother's Daughter singer and her longtime lover Liam have split after nearly eight months of marriage, but photos then circulated online of Miley kissing Kaitlynn Carter during their Italian holiday.

Carter only recently split with Brody Jenner, who has some thoughts on the matter. The Hills: New Beginnings star took to Instagram to share a photo of himself, captioning the image; "Don't let yesterday take up too much of today".


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His The Hills co-star Brandon Thomas Lee commented on the post, rather cheekily; "Let's round this scandal out and post a pic of us making out."

"Watch out," Brody replied with a crying-laughing emoji. "Pics of Liam and I holding hands on the beach coming soon."

Naturally, Miley didn't let this one just slide by, and wrote, "go take a nap in your truck and cool off." The MTV reality TV star has also been commenting flirty messages on his ex-wife's Instagram, which is weird.


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Miley and Brandi Cyrus went on holiday to Lake Como in Italy with Kaitlynn Carter, and have been sharing pictures of their hangouts all over social media.

"Rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby," Carter captioned one picture, featuring the Hannah Montana star. To which Brody responded, "Hot girl summer."

Brody and Kaitlynn announced their split earlier this month, with representatives offering a statement.


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"Brody Jenner & Kaitlynn Carter have decided to amicably separate," the statement read. "They love and respect one another, and know that this is the best decision for their relationship moving forward."

A source previously told E! News that Brody and Kaitlynn were never legally married, despite tying the knot in Indonesia last June.

News broke about Cyrus and Hemsworth's break up on Saturday evening, with a representative for the 26-year-old singer saying in a statement:


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"Liam and Miley have agreed to separate at this time. Ever-evolving, changing as partners and individuals, they have decided this is what's best while they both focus on themselves and careers."

The statement continued, "They still remain dedicated parents to all of their animals they share while lovingly taking this time apart. Please respect their process and privacy."

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A Miley Cyrus reality show? Now, that's something we could watch. But a series based solely on her mother and sister? We're not so sure.

Miley has always been the wild child in the Cyrus family, but it's her mum, Tish and half-sister, Brandi, that are going to take the spotlight in 2017.

But it's no ordinary reality show. It's an interior design reality show.

Named Cyrus vs Cyrus, the two women will go head to head to win over clients in Nashville with their renovation ideas. The losing designer will then have to act as the assistant to the winner.

"Tish and Brandi have a wonderful, funny, modern mother-daughter relationship which is completely relatable," Bravo's Lara Spotts said.

"They are equally talented designers, but with very different aesthetics, and watching them transform one home a week will be almost as entertaining as the antics that ensue along the way."

We have to say, it's certainly intriguing us. Fingers crossed Miley makes an appearance, too.



She’s never too far away from the drama, is our Miley?

The latest controversy surrounding the singer has seen her dragged into a lawsuit being brought against her sister, Brandi.

According to reports, Brandi is being sued by her neighbour, model Yolande Ngom, who is claiming that Brandi’s dog ‘Feather’ attacked her and ruined her career.

What’s that got to do with poor Miley, you ask?

As well as the fact that Miley’s company owns Brandi’s apartment, Ngom is claiming that it was an employee of the singer who was handling Feather at the time of the attack, and who failed to keep him under control.

After breaking free from his handler, Feather is reported to have bitten Ngom in the thigh, ripping it open and leaving her with scars so bad that she claims she will never work as a model again.

Now Ngom is suing Miley and Brandi’s company for the medical bills as well as lost wages.

It’s never a dull day in the Cyrus’ world!