Miley Cyrus caught up in lawsuit drama


She’s never too far away from the drama, is our Miley?

The latest controversy surrounding the singer has seen her dragged into a lawsuit being brought against her sister, Brandi.

According to reports, Brandi is being sued by her neighbour, model Yolande Ngom, who is claiming that Brandi’s dog ‘Feather’ attacked her and ruined her career.

What’s that got to do with poor Miley, you ask?

As well as the fact that Miley’s company owns Brandi’s apartment, Ngom is claiming that it was an employee of the singer who was handling Feather at the time of the attack, and who failed to keep him under control.

After breaking free from his handler, Feather is reported to have bitten Ngom in the thigh, ripping it open and leaving her with scars so bad that she claims she will never work as a model again.

Now Ngom is suing Miley and Brandi’s company for the medical bills as well as lost wages.

It’s never a dull day in the Cyrus’ world!