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The tan Gods are shining down on us in the form of Cocoa Brown's Man Mitt.

Are you tired of trying to reach your back or the back of your legs? 

Problem solved – your boyfriend can now do it thanks to this genius invention.


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The miracle workers at Cocoa Brown have launched Marissa Carter's ‘Man Mitt.’

The Velvet Tanning Thumb Mitt is also perfect for the man in your life.

But let's get real, you know it's all about us, after all we are queens. 


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Larger in size, gone are the days of his hand getting crushed into a smaller glove.

No longer has he the excuse to moan about rubbing that magic brown tan into those hard to reach places.

This gorgeous black tan mitt is made with luxury velvet to give him the perfect application – whether he is applying it to your body or his own.

Wave bye-bye to oompa-loompa orange hands as the inner waterproof foam-lining keeps them protected from any staining. 

The Mitt will give you both a flawless finish with even, streak-free results. 

They really do think of everything, as it features a thumb for better grip and comfort when applying the tan. 


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For envious results, wear the mitt, apply a coin-sized amount of tan to its surface and buff onto clean dry skin.

Don't forget to hand wash the mitt between tanning sessions – hygiene people!

You can thank us and Cocoa Brown when you finally don't have to stretch to reach those annoying spots.

And, your boyfriend can too when he's roped in to your tanning rituals and he develops his own!

Happy tanning.




There's nothing like social media posts to evoke serious envy among many of us, and it looks like this one has done its job admirably.

After coming home to a seriously festive surprise courtesy of her other half, one girl named Grace decided to share a snap of her spoils.

And we are feeling pretty damn put out right now.

"He knows that I'm always cold and that I love Christmas lights so he surprised me when I got back from vacation," she wrote in reference to her (perfect) boyfriend.

Sharing three pictures of his thoughtful gesture, Grace revealed that she had been gifted 12 pairs of uber-fluffy socks, a fleecy throw, a hape of chocolate and a fairy light display… all because her boyfriend is absolute GOALS.

"These socks are for when your feet are cold, and I'm not around for you to put them under me," Alex wrote in one of his notes.

Commenting on the post which has racked up more than 12,000 likes, one Twitter user wrote: "I am in love with this. Thankful that boys like this exist to love girls this way."

Countless other girls decided to tag their boyfriend in Grace's post for, you know, no real reason…

Excuse us while we make a phonecall.