James Franco and Seth Rogen strike again!

After their pretty awesome rendition of Kanye and Kim Kardashian’s Bound 2 music video, it is no surprise that the comdey duo wanted to do the same for KIMYE’s Vogue cover.

The cover has not received much positive feedback and the This is the End co-stars have certainly given the singer and his reality TV fiancé a run for their money.

James posted the photoshopped image to his Instagram account and captioned it “Seth! Love you, dog!”

While Seth tweeted: “It had to be done”

james franco

Wonder how this will go down in the Kardashian Kamp? But we certainly can’t wait for their next Kim and Kanye spoof.

Here is is a reminder of the Bound 3 video, just in case you forgot it  or are in need of a good laugh!