Booking a hotel from the comfort of your couch definitely has it advantages; however, while it may be a lot easier, there are a few things you definitely need to do and others that you definitely need to avoid.

Shop around
Don’t just book from the hotel’s own site. Look around price comparison websites like Trivago instead. You will definitely get a better deal this way.

Read reviews
Make sure you won’t be left with any unpleasant surprises by reading reviews on the hotel before you book it. Be wary of fake reviews though – always go with your gut instinct.

Give the hotel a ring
If you really can’t find a good price, give the hotel a ring. You may be able to barter a better deal.

Watch out for hidden fees
Make sure you get the full cost of your booking before you confirm it. You don’t want to think you are getting a great deal only to find out it’s not really that great.

Location, location, location
If you opt for the cheaper hotel, make sure it is not so far away from attractions that what you save on accommodation you lose on travelling costs.