Every tea drinker knows the devastation of having to fish a soggy biscuit out of what was once a perfectly good cup of tea.  But thankfully this tragic experience can now be avoided forever more as science has determined which biscuit is best able to withstand the test of tea.      

A group of scientists at The Institute of Physics used a robotic arm to test the dunkability of ten different types of biscuit and officially discovered that there is nothing better for dipping in your cuppa than a plain old McVitie’s Rich Tea.

When compared to classic treats like Fox’s Party Rings, Milk Chocolate Digestives and Bourbon Creams, the humble Rich Tea surpassed all expectations by holding its shape for ten whole minutes.

The Rich Tea also absorbed more tea than any of its competitors by soaking up an impressive 14 grams.

The McVitie’s Digestive came second of the bunch as it managed to stay together for 4 minutes and the Fox’s Party Ring came third despite sticking it out for ten minutes because it only managed to absorb 1 gram of tea.

Maryland Chocolate Chip Cookies fared worst of the bunch as they only took 45 seconds to fall apart once wet.  The scientists concluded that the cookie’s crunchiness is what led to its loss of shape.

According to The Daily Mail, the robotic arm was used to place each biscuit exactly half way into a mug of tea for 15 seconds to ensure no external forces could throw off the results.

Despite it all sounding very official, we're sure there will be plenty of tea-loving people ready to contest these results.

Feat image: Getty