Dublin doesn't often get visits from our fave online influencers, but luckily, but one of the biggest and best is coming to our nation's capital. 

Jeffree Star has announced over on Twitter that he will be paying us a visit on his Can't Relate Tour with Beauty Bay. 

Jeffree is one of the internet's OG celebrities, and from his beginnings on MySpace, he today has over ten and a half million followers on YouTube. 

Followers flock to his page for makeup reviews, tutorials and chatty videos, and Jeffree is not known to hold his tongue when it comes to dishing out the sass. 

He is also renowned for his brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics, bringing edgy beauty to all of our makeup bags. 


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So if you have always wanted to meet Jeffree, now could be your chance.

Keep an eye out for further details of the launch, which will be revealed next week by Jeffree and Beauty Bay. 

However, while the reaction to Jeffree's Dublin visit was hugely positive, some took issue with his sweeping statement of 'Hey UK.'

It's an error many celebs from across the pond have made before him, but as we all know, Dublin is not in the Uk it's in Ireland. 

Many Irish fans were quick to point this out in the Twitter thread, which sadly soon revealed that there are quite a few people out there who still think Ireland is in the UK. 

We're sure Jeffree is well aware of his history and geography, so we'll let this one slide as a slip of the tongue.