If you're a lover of the Big Mac, then it's safe to say that you love the secret sauce.

We haven't a clue what's in there, but damn, does it taste good. 

And now, to much delight, McDonald's is selling the sweet stuff by the bottle. Hurray! Your days can now be filled with secret sauce-everything. 

Ah, but of course, there's a catch. Last year, the chain store auctioned off a 500ml bottle of the dressing in Australia for charity, with bids starting at €16,500.

Since that was such a success, Maccy D's thought about bringing it to the whole world, but decided to just sell it in small bottles by the batch in Australia for €4.55. *Boo*.

If you're travelling to Australia, lucky you. If not, fingers crossed it will come over to our side of the pond soon.