The internet went into overdrive yesterday when Apple publicly revealed the new iPhone 6, due to be released on September 19 in the USA, What really caught our attention, though, was the announcement that a new Apple Watch will go on sale early next year.

In true Apple style, the designs are sleek and minimalist, but we were pleasantly surprised at how stylish some of the varieties were. 

Aside from lots of high tech chrome and sporty rubber straps, the designers also revealed a "Watch Edition" line, with really sleek leather straps and gold or rose gold faces. Gorgeous! The gold is apparently 18-karat, so it won't come cheap. Prices for the basic version (no gold involved) start at $349, or €270. But just in case we win the Lotto between now and early 2015, here's what we'll be buying:

The watch is controlled using a "digital crown" – a button on the side of the watch face. 

So what can this watch do? Well, it can tell time, obviously – to within 50 milliseconds. Fancy. It can also monitor your daily activity and work out your optimal levels of exercise. And you'll be able to stay in touch with alerts, notifications, voice messaging capabilities and a new app called "Real Touch" which allows you to send a virtual touch via your wrist. 

Sounds cool – but we'll need to start saving ASAP!