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A pregnant woman in her 20s has died in a house fire in Co Antrim yesterday.

An investigation is underway into the cause of the blaze which broke out at a house in the Whitepark Road area of Ballycastle.

Emergency services and PSNI personnel arrived at the scene at around 5.30pm yesterday evening.

It is believed the woman, who was recently married and pregnant with her second child, may have suffered an asthma attack as a result of the fire.

Last night a police spokeswoman said: “Police attended the scene of a sudden death of a woman in her 20s in the Whitepark Road area of Ballycastle this evening. The death is not being treated as suspicious.”



Christmas is the perfect time for having a few drinks… But one Antrim woman found out the hard way that when you're drunk, you should never dance with a Christmas tree.

What looked like a load of fun ended up in the poor tree being smashed to the ground… and we can't help but laugh. 

The video has gone viral in the past 24-hours and Emma captioned it "My ma is going to kill me. Why do I drink?"

Ah Emma, we've all been there. 


Most people are guilty of indulging in an energy drink now and again: the ultimate pick-me-up when you’re tired and can’t face another coffee.

Others more regularly knock back the caffeine stimulant – though few people could claim that they get through an astonishing 7litres A DAY.

However, that is exactly the quantity consumed by one mother-of-three from Newtownabbey in Co. Antrim.

Shockingly, Lena Lupari consumed so many calories as a result of her Red Bull habit that her weight now hovers around the 26st mark.

Even more serious – doctors also believe her brain has swollen and she risks going blind.

She first sought medical attention in June when she collapsed suddenly.

Doctors then discovered she had developed a condition known as Idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH), which they said was a result of her being overweight. 

Ms Lupari told Mail Online: “I used to drink 28 cans of Red Bull in a day and I'd only have a meal at night but it would usually be something fast-food like a takeaway or a packet of pasta.

“I've got three young children, one with special needs, and didn't have time to make anything. 

“I'd been suffering from migraines and headaches for about five years but I just ignored them and took painkillers.

“Then my vision went and I couldn't even lift my head off the bed and I ended up in hospital for six days.”

Specialists have now told Lena to lose seven stone – 30 percent of her body weight – and since cutting Red Bull from her diet entirely, she reports that she’s already shed two stone.

Intracranial hypertension (IH) refers to abnormally high pressure inside the skull and is quite rare, although it usually affects people who are overweight and obese.

The most common symptoms are severe throbbing headaches and changes in vision due to swollen optic nerves.