Anouska Proetta Brandon is a blogging veteran who definitely knows how to take a great photo.

Her Instagram feed is officially goals, awash with perfectly poised holiday snaps, flawlessly filtered landscapes and sartorially sound selfies.

And with almost 100k followers to her name, there's no one we'd rather take a few quick tips from.


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The influencer spoke today at the Irish Bloggers Conference, and shared some of her best-kept Instagram secrets; key tips to creating the perfect feed.

Everyone knows that editing is one of the most important elements on Instagram, and external editing apps are the best way to achieve a flawless filter without looking too fake.

Saving your money for the perfect outfit can be hard enough, so Anouska revealed her top three free photography apps.

The blogger merited her gorgeous snaps to VSCO Cam, SnapSeed and Afterlight, all free from the app store.


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Aesthetics also play a key part in Anouska's mastermind social media strategy. 

"Consistency is key with your Instagram," Anouska told the audience.

"Don't post random photos. Be consistent and think about aesthetics," she said, citing a well-planned photo layout as the best way to up your follower count. 


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If you're not one to religiously plan Instagram pictures, and prefer to go with the flow; never fear.

The blogger, who was there to share her expertise with the up-and-coming social media stars in the crowd, reminded them to remain true to their own niche.

It's not always easy to achieve the perfect photo, as Anouska admitted to using up to five apps on her photos. We might stick to good old Valencia.