Actress Amanda Seyfried turns 29 today, and though we're not sure what she's got planned for the big day, we're sure she'll be looking divine!

The star has had a bit of a bumpy ride along the road to finding her perfect style, but she's come a long way from the days of wearing jeans on the red carpet.

Let's take a look back through the archives…

1. The outfit that started it all…
"I'm a mouse, duh." Thank you, Mean Girls for this iconic moment/outfit.

2. Her first foray into red carpet glamour
Amanda definitely tried hard with this outfit for the 2005 MTV Movie Awards, but the fit is just a bit all over the place.

3. Uh-oh.
What happened to the turquoise dress? Jeans and flats were a step too far down the "smart casual" road for this 2006 appearance.

4. Wait a minute…
This is more like it! We knew she had it in her!

5. We're loving this high fashion look
Amanda killed it at the 2009 Golden Globes in this one-shoulder pastel number.

6. Very sleek!
Louis Vuitton was a great choice for this 2010 event – Amanda is looking simply stunning here.

7. A bit of a wobble?
The actress' dress for the 2010 Academy Awards was criticised for being just too much for her small frame – some even said it looked "like a roll of bubble wrap." Well, we think she looks fab.

8. Back to the drawing board
This aquamarine blue dress is just a bit too bright for Amanda's pale skin, and the shape's a bit off too. Well, we all make fashion mistakes.

9. WOW.
Look at those pins! Amanda looks easy and elegant in this two-tone playsuit for an appearance on Live With Kelly and Michael in New York.

10. Finally, the style queen emerges once and for all
Amanda got it 100% right in Alexander McQueen at last year's Oscars. It's been a long road, but now look at her!

Happy birthday Amanda!