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We were all delighted to hear that the Love Actually cast will all reunite for a Comic Relief special later this month.

But, as many pointed out on social media, one actor that will be sorely missed is Alan Rickman who passed away last year.

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However, no tribute will be made to him during Red Nose Day Actually.

Speaking to Associated Press, the film's director Richard Curtis said: "You know dealing with Alan is very complicated.

"We’re not doing everyone. We’re doing about two thirds of people," Richard said trying to explain the lack of a tribute for Alan.

Many took to Twitter to share their feelings on the director's decision:



In an interview with RTÉ in 2011, Alan Rickman revealed that J.K Rowling had shared a snippet of secret information with him to help better understand his character in the Harry Potter series, Severus Snape. 

And while Rickman may have taken this secret to the grave, J.K Rowling did let her fans in on the context of the information on Twitter yesterday. 

Alan, who passed away last week from cancer, revealed to RTÉ that he understood more about Snape than anyone else while filming the movies. 

"She certainly didn't tell me what the end of the story was going to be in any way at all, so I was having to buy the books along with everybody else to find out.

"She [did] give me one little piece of information, which I always said I would never share with anybody and never have, and never will. It wasn't a plot point, or crucial in any tangible way, but it was crucial to me as a piece of information that made me travel down that road rather than that one or that one or that one."

While J.K Rowling did not give the entire game away, she did reveal what the secret was about. 

When one fan enquired about the secret on social media, the author simply responded: "I told Alan what lies behind the word 'always'."


This word became synonymous with the character of Snape, especially as it was revealed that he would "always" be in love with Harry's mother, Lily as uttered in the last book and film of the series. 

And according to Harry Potter producer, David Heyman, this little tidbit greatly affected the way he portrayed Snape in the films.

"It was quite amusing, too, because there were times when a director would tell Alan what to do in a scene and he would say something like, 'No I can't do that – I know what is going to happen and you don't.' "

We hope the true meaning behind the word always remains a secret. 



As tributes pour in for British actor Alan Rickman, fans and colleagues alike have been sharing precious moments and clips from the late actors lengthy career. 

And it seems like the actor had a pretty wicked sense of humour 

A video has resurfaced of a prank the late Michael Gambon and Alan Rickman played on actor Daniel Radcliffe while filming scenes for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. 

In a scene taking place in the great hall of Hogwarts, the students are pretending to sleep together in sleeping bags for the film.

And it seems that something went quite awry in Daniel's bag. 

It turns out that Alan and Michael had placed a farting machine in the sleeping bag and the whole cast found it pretty hilarious. 

Watch the actor share the hilarious moment below: 



The stars who worked with Alan Rickman for one of his most memorable roles, Harry Potter's Professor Snape, were among the first to share their tributes yesterday.

Alan's family confirmed the actor had passed away from cancer at the age of 69, after a battle with the disease that he had kept a secret from the public.

One of the most beautiful tributes we've seen so far comes from Evanna Lynch, the Irish actress who played Luna Lovegood in the seven films.

Taking to Facebook last night, the Louth native admitted that she gave Alan a "wide berth" during her years working on the Harry Potter franchise, but finally got to know him better during a chance meeting some time later.

"Truthfully, I was terrified of him as Snape and throughout the course of the films," she explained.

"I assumed he WAS Snape and made myself small whenever he went gliding past in those big, shadowy black robes.

I don't have many stories to share about Alan Rickman because, truthfully, I was terrified of him as Snape and…

Posted by Evanna Lynch on Thursday, 14 January 2016

"It wasn't until a few years later that I had the chance to meet Alan as himself. It was at a charity dinner and our nameplates were next to each other."

After getting over her nerves, Evanna explained how she took her seat and was pleasantly surprised by Alan's kindness towards her.

"I sat down and much to my shock he greeted me warmly and by name. My real name! 

"The conversation got round to acting quickly and at the time I was stressing about the pressure I felt to already be a successful actress and that I'd run out of time to make mistakes.

"He said not to worry about getting 'there' and instead to focus on feeding my soul and following my heart from place to place."

The actress goes on to explain how the conversation stuck with her for a long time afterward.

"After that meeting I thought about him a lot and what a truly lovely, kind, generous person he was.

"For someone as established, wise and revered as he, the greatest gift you can give someone is your full attention and presence in the moment. 

"Please honour his memory and what he gave us by talking about and sharing stories and continuing to celebrate his legacy so then he will be here, as we like to say, 'Always'."


Tributes for English stage and film powerhouse Alan Rickman have been flooding in today.

The actor, who was 69, passed away from cancer while "surrounded by family and friends."

As well as messages of shock and condolences from fans and colleagues alike, some of Alan's own quotes and messages have been doing the rounds online too.

One piece in particular, the actor's sweet goodbye letter to the Harry Potter film franchise in which he played Severus Snape, definitely brought a tear to our eye:

The letter was published in Empire magazine back in 2011, after the seventh and final film was released, and was shared by a fan on Imgur today.

"A lifetime seems to have passed in minutes," he wrote. 

"Three children have become adults since a phonecall with Jo Rowling, containing one small clue, persuaded me that there was more to Snape than an unchanging costume."

Many of those who worked with Alan on Harry Potter – including JK Rowling herself – took to social media today to pay their emotional tributes:

I'm very sad to hear about Alan today. I feel so lucky to have worked and spent time with such a special man and actor. I'll really miss our conversations. RIP Alan. We love you

Posted by Emma Watson on Thursday, 14 January 2016


Rest in peace, Alan.


It has just been announced that British actor, Alan Rickman has died at the age of 69 after a battle with cancer. 

The London born actor is perhaps most notable to younger fans as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter series and for his role in popular rom-com, Love Actually. 

The tragic news has just been announced and he is survived by his wife of three years, Rima Horton. 

We are reeling from the news that our favourite Hogwarts professor has passed. 

In a statement released by the family, the actor passed away peacefully in London this morning. 

"The actor and director Alan Rickman has died from cancer at the age of 69."

"He was surrounded by family and friends."

Rickman, who is a beloved British talent and public figure, kept the news of his illness very private from the press. 

This marks the second high profile death from Cancer this week as David Bowie also passed away on Monday.