Spice Girls star blind in one eye after botched surgery

Former Spice Girls singer Mel B has revealed that she has no vision in her left eye after corrective laser surgery went wrong.

The X Factor judge admitted in a recent interview that the incident happened 15 years ago and that she has been relying on limited vision ever since.

Speaking to Hello! magazine, Mel said she is now considering a cornea transplant to fix the damage to her eye. The complex surgery would involve doctors replacing part of her eye with donor tissue.

"I can't see at all out of my left eye. The lasering went wrong so this will be totally life-changing," the singer said.

Although she is a pro at TV work these days, Mel admitted she has faced difficulties at times, in particular when she hosted the MOBO awards last month. "I had a bit of a nightmare. I was reading the autocue and then suddenly I realised that I couldn't see properly," she said.

The singer received a lot of criticism for her "blundering" hosting skills at the awards, with many viewers disappointed by how disjointed the ceremony was:

Despite being keen to have her vision corrected, Mel says her surgery plans stop there and she has no interest in cosmetic procedures, hoping to stay youthful by being as healthy as possible. "I don't want to have botox or surgery because I want to have expression in my face, but I want to look after myself," she said.  "I'm not an idiot. Looks do count in this business."

We wish Mel all the best with the transplant!