Tom Hiddleston definitely DOESN’T want to talk about Taylor Swift


It sounds like Tom Hiddleston was pretty certain his uber-suave 'I heart TS' vest and super-adorbs transfer tat spoke volumes when it came to his burgeoning romance with Taylor Swift.

In fact, it seems the Thor actor might have thought the clamouring press would be content with some loved-up snaps and dodgy-looking tats, and ultimately ask nothing more of him, but it sounds like he was sorely mistaken.

Having arrived in Australia with his new bae on Thursday, Tom was accosted by a local reporter who – unsurprisingly – enquired after Taylor, and it seems Tom wasn't at all interested in giving the press a handy little soundbite about his new romance.

When asked by a 9News reporter if Taylor was enjoying her time on the Gold Coast, the British actor, whose new relationship has made headlines all over the world, said: "I'm not going to answer that, if it's all right."

According to the Irish Independent, the reporter clearly wasn't going to let 35-year-old Tom off the hook that easy and continued to press the issue, asking how the new couple intend to spend their time down under.

Refusing to reveal ANYTHING about his and the Shake It Off singer's Aussie plans, Tom dodged the question and simply said: "I don't know… It's just good to be back."

Jeez Tom, you'd swear you'd been keeping the romance under wraps or something…