Signs that you’ve been housemates forever


It’s often difficult to find that ideal living situation and even harder to find that ideal housemate. But when you do, the two of you just know that you are both going to be housemates forever:

Know each other delivery orders
You know each other’s orders off by heart. More importantly, you know when you desperately need to hear that phrase “fancy a Chinese?” Because it is literally what you’ve been thinking about all day.

Her family is your family
And vice versa. Whenever you’re on the phone to your mum, she always asks about your housemate and your housemate’s mum always thinks to send up some extra treats for you to have as well.

You have a routine
If she has a fella around, you know it’s a good idea to spend the rest of the evening in your room. But you don’t mind, because you know she would probably do the same for you.

Know too much
You both know way too much about each other. Seriously – way too much.

Best nights in/out
Whether it’s staying in or going out altogether, you two always have the best nights.