‘Sheer evil’ Scotty T seriously lashed out at TOWIE’s Megan McKenna

Romance which blossoms in the Celebrity Big Brother house rarely stands the test of the time in the outside world, but while some contestants are more than happy to go their separate ways, others take pleasure in a little mud-slinging.

Proving he's a card-carrying member of the latter camp, Geordie Shore's Scotty T recently threw some serious shade at TOWIE's Megan McKenna who he cosied up to in the CBB house earlier this year.

Commenting on the drama currently escalating between Megan and Peter Wicks, Scotty showed little sympathy for Megan who recently learned that Pete had been sending X-rated snaps to former girlfriends.

During his MTV segment, Scotty weighed in on the controversy, saying: "At the end of the day he shouldn't have been doing it, but I don't understand why his ex bird went to the papers."

Sharing a snap of Megan looking pretty distraught, Scotty said: "Obviously she wasn't happy when she found out. I mean, look at this picture of her, man."

"Look at her f*cking face. That is sheer evil there, like." he said of the 24-year-old reality star.

Continuing to pour scorn on Megan, Scotty made reference to their own doomed romance, saying: "I mean I wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of her, man."

"I remember once on Big Brother she went to me 'If you ever do anything wrong, I'll cut your d*ck off,'" he claimed.

Don't hold back there…