Sexy Halloween UNMASKED! 14 costumes… as worn by non-models


Halloween is a pretty sacred Irish tradition – but there’s also no doubt that costumes of recent years have become seriously sassy.

Yes, gone are black-plastic sacks, replaced instead by an array of on fleek attire that often aims to show off plenty of flesh.

Now, has asked women to try on a total of 14 "sexy" Halloween disguises and strike their very best "sexy" costume modelling poses.

The results are oh-so amazing and pretty darn hilarious (not to mention that we reckon the non-models look WAY better)…


1) Sexy jellyfish

2) Sexy Olaf:


3) Sexy Darth Vader


4) Sexy shark


5) Sexy taco


6) Sexy goldfish


7) Sexy Patrick Star


8) Sexy pizza


9) Sexy chips


10) Sexy Piñata


11) Sexy popcorn


12) Sexy lobster


13) Sexy Yoda


14) Sexy Donald Trump