Reality star reveals truth behind dramatic break-up!

When TOWIE couple Elliott Wright and Chloe Sims broke up last month, the reasons seemed pretty clear.

During an episode of the show broadcast a few weeks ago, Chloe blasted her ex for letting another woman sleep in his bed while they were still together – though he denied anything had happened.

That alone seems like a valid enough reason for a split, but now Elliott claims there's more to the story.

In an interview with OK! magazine, the reality star said the main reason the couple broke things off was because of a difficult dynamic with their kids.

Elliott has two children aged seven and four, while Chloe has a nine-year-old daughter, Maddie. The TOWIE man said that Maddie, who is autistic, felt pushed out by the relationship between her mum and Elliott, which may have caused difficulty for the couple.

"Chloe’s not had a proper relationship for eight years and she lets Maddie in her bed so, when I used to stay there, Maddie felt a bit pushed out," he admitted. "It was strange because Chloe was sending all the signals that she wanted a relationship – we looked at some houses together."

The 32-year-old revealed he had wanted a serious relationship with Chloe but "she says she's not ready for it." He also added the two still feel strongly for one another. "I don’t think you can fall out of love with someone so quickly. Chloe says she still loves me," he said.

We're sure the reality star will find someone new to romance soon enough. By the sounds of it he's already honing his wooing skills – though with a lady who is very much off the market! 

Elliott revealed he's been getting closer to his cousin Mark's fiancée Michelle Keegan and would love to find a girl like her. "I get on really well with Michelle – I went round and took her for lunch the other day. Michelle’s top drawer. If there was another Michelle out there, I’d be driving her around."