The REAL reason behind this star couple’s break-up revealed!

The drama just keeps on coming for Chloe Sims and Elliott Wright!

Earlier this month the TOWIE couple announced their split after a six month whirlwind romance. The pair got together in Marbella earlier this year and had just recently moved in together.

Fans had their hopes up for a reconciliation this week when Chloe and Elliott were pictured entering an Essex restaurant, but the newest episode of TOWIE shows exactly what went on during their meal… and it's not pretty!

Although Chloe and Elliott's reps had claimed the break-up was amicable, it appears that wasn't the case. In last night's episode of the reality show, Chloe blasted her ex during their meal for sleeping with another woman.

"You've been letting everyone think that I'm this b*tch who’s to blame for everything – but you let another girl sleep in our bed," she told Elliott, who defended himself by saying that nothing had happened with the mystery woman on the night she stayed over.

Chloe was (understandably) having none of it, saying "You’re trying to tell me that this girl, who you've slept with before, just climbed into your bed while you were in the shower?"

She added that she was doing Elliott a big favour by even agreeing to meet for a meal. "You should count yourself lucky that I'm here right now because you definitely wouldn’t put up with me sleeping in a bed with another man," she said.

Despite Elliott's pleas for another chance, his former girlfriend said things were "done" once and for all. Looks like that's the end of that!