Model accused of Photoshopping her figure in Instagram pictures

Model and former Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas faced some serious scrutiny yesterday when she posted a very suspicious-looking selfie to Instagram.

Imogen, who spent the day aboard a luxury yacht in Abu Dhabi (just like our Monday, really), shared a picture of her reflection as she posed in a bikini and life jacket.

The image was captioned, "Boat life! Stay safe… #boat #jacket #nandos #cupcakes #alcohol #bikinis #sun #sea"

Followers were quick to point out that the image looked very obviously Photoshopped or stretched, as Imogen appeared drastically thinner all over.

"This is ridiculous it's so obvious! She's got a gorgeous figure anyway!" read one comment, with another person writing, "Most definitely photoshopped. Baffled at why u would do that, your figure is lush!!!"

Rather than brush off the critisicm, Imogen took to Instagram herself to hit back at her critics, saying it was the mirror, and not Photoshop, that made her appear thinner.

"It's a mirror that's slightly concave! Hahaha all you girls have issues who think I've wasted time to photoshop an Insta pic," she wrote in the comments section of her photo.

It's not the first time in recent months that a celebrity has been accused of editing an image on social media to make themselves appear slimmer.

Lindsay Lohan came under fire a few weeks ago for sharing a picture of herself posing in her bathroom mirror, that many pointed out looked visibly Photoshopped.

BeyoncéParis Hilton and even Justin Bieber are just some of the other stars that have received criticism for editing images to make themselves appear more attractive to the cameras.