Actress accused of Photoshopping selfie to make her look slimmer


Lindsay Lohan may have been in hospital battling symptoms of the rare virus chikungunya this week, but she showed she's never too ill to cause controversy!

The Mean Girls star shared a mirror selfie on Instagram which soon sparked a massive reaction from her followers, but probably not for the reason she had hoped.

Lindsay's photo, which showed her teeny-tiny body clad in a pair of Calvins and a crop top, was captioned "#mycalvins are helping me fight off my chikungunya hehe"

While the actress' noticeably slimmed-down waistline may of course have been a result of her recent struggle with illness, fans were quick to point out a number of discrepancies in the photo including some wonky-looking bottles on the right of the sink and uneven lines on the wall behind. Both are telltale signs of Photoshopping which have caught out other celebrities such as Beyoncé and Paris Hilton in the past.

Commenters soon ridiculed the picture with one writing, "lol photoshop fail" and another saying, "lmao the photoshop is so obvious here."

Lindsay has yet to confirm or deny the rumours but either way we're delighted to see that she is on the mend at least, after contracting chikungunya from infected mosquitos during her holiday in French Polynesia over Christmas.