Beyoncé accused of photoshopping her holiday snaps


Beyoncé, arguably the world’s most loved woman has been accused of photoshopping her holiday snaps…again.

A photo shared to the star’s Tumblr account shows Beyoncé looking absolutely fabulous in a bikini but there is something not quite right.

Behind her thigh, a step can clearly be seen to be off to the others, pointing once again to Photoshop alteration.

We just can’t understand why she, or whoever is working for her, would feel the need to alter photos when she is so perfect just the way she is!

This is the third time Queen Bey has been accused of photoshopping her images – can it stop now please?!

Today is not a good day for Beyoncé as she has also been accused of lip-synching! 

A video has surfaces that clearly shows the singer stop singing with the track continuing on despite this…awkward. 

Ashlee Simpson we understand, Britney to a point too – but Beyoncé?! If there was ever someone who didn't need help in that department, it's her!