Turns out Justin Bieber’s sexy CK shoot was totally photoshopped!


We all got a little nervous earlier this week when Calvin Klein released their first image from Justin Bieber's spring campaign, showing him posing provocatively with model Lara Stone.

After years of cringing every time we heard Baby playing on the radio or saw Biebs posting yet ANOTHER selfie, we were shocked to realise that we kind of… fancied (?!) him. After all, who could resist that muscled six-pack?

Well, we can all breathe a giant sigh of relief, as it turns out CK photoshopped the singer's body to make him look older and more muscular.

Not only were those epic abs added in post-production, but so too was the light smattering of hair above Justin's Calvins, as can be seen in these before-and-after shots published by TMZ:

We KNEW he couldn't have gotten that sexy without us realising… Now we can go back to remembering him as he was before… dodgy fringe and all!