MORE 1D break-up plans: Louis to form girl group with Simon Cowell

First, we heard the news that Liam Payne is planning to write songs for other boybands, and now it has been revealed that Louis Tomlinson is planning to work at Simon Cowell's record label Syco. 

The boyband star is set to run his own label imprint, as well as guest star on The X Factor. 

That will bring Louis and Simon back together to put some new talent out there, including potentially a “girl band,” as Louis told The X Factor’s Xtra recently.

“I’ve got, like, a little label imprint, so I’m trying to work with that at the moment,” Louis told hosts Melvin and Rochelle.

“I’m lucky enough to be working with Simon. We’ve got a few different projects going on at the moment — one of which is we’re actually trying to put a girl band together."

"Yeah, it’s just really exciting to be involved in the different side of it, the background.”