Leo SLAMS former co-star Mark Wahlberg as “a f*cking a**hole.”


They may have starred alongside each other in 2006 smash The Departed, but relations between Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Wahlberg weren’t always as professional as they are now.

In the early 90’s when Leo was slowly making a name for himself as a serious actor and Mark was making a name for himself dropping his pants as a rapper and underwear model, the pair were on decidedly bad terms.

Recalling his less-than-professional approach to the limelight at the time, Mark told The Hollywood Reporter in a new interview that he and Leo had a run-in at an MTV basketball game. Mark admitted he was “a punk”, saying: “I was not nice to Leo that day.”

Following this incident and upon learning that Mark had been offered a role in Leo’s 1995 film The Basketball Diaries, Leo said: “Over my dead f*cking body. Marky Mark’s not going to be in this f*cking movie. This f*cking a**hole is not going to be in the movie.”

Fortunately for the pair, they patched things up and bonded over their love of acting. Today the actors are on good terms and can often be seen hanging out at basketball games together.

How ironic.